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Submitted By Kitch
Submitted On Jul1/09, 20:05
Dimensions xpx
File Size 6377.62KB
Views 96684
Votes 141
Favourites 75
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This is an interesting flash animation from Slate. It is largely in a series of sketches with rough motion, like his others, but it also has a choice of endings.

The main storyline is that an otter girl tries to steal a dragon's horns. He catches up to her and gets them back, then exacts his vengeance by getting a blowjob and some 69 out of her. What happens from there depends on what went on at the loading screen.

At the loading screen, you can move the dragon to catch the otter, and you can click the window to change what happens when the otter is caught. If you press "play now" when the dragon is eating the otter, then the vore ending is enabled. As soon as the otter girl swallows a load from the dragon, he grabs her feet with his tongue and swallows her up.

If you click "play now" when the dragon is humping the otter, then after the 69, the dragon is affectionate with the otter girl, whose belly is swollen with his cum. He then pushes the belly inward, and suddenly she half transforms into a dragon. She tries to waddle off, but a further transformation leaves her on paws and knees. He then jumps her and mounts her doggystyle. While she is mated, she is fully transformed into a dragon. The animation ends with them snuggling in their afterglow.
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