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Submitted By TalosMoonfire
Submitted On Mar25/12, 16:37
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I was just wondering if there were any artists out there who would draw some yiff of my mate and I. Unfortunately, I have no money, so I won't be able to pay for it. If I could find a job, I'd gladly send some money your way.. But it doesn't look too promising at the moment. This is currently the only reference pic I have, but I'll add more as I take them. I realize that, realistically, no one will take me up on this, but I was kinda hoping to give her a bit of a "personal" pic of us together as a wedding gift. If no one is interested, I understand.. What's the point of working without pay, right? But if you do decide to help me out, thank you so much and bless you. You may not get any money out of it, but you'll have made a friend. All I can really do is hope that'll be reward enough.
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