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Submitted On Mar20/20, 13:23
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When you give a poor person a dollar, they'll eat with it.
When you give a rich person a dollar, they'll make another dollar with it.

If you then tax away the first dollar, they're still left with an extra dollar. Plus the fact that the rich dodge the taxes, and what you're actually doing is taxing the working middle class.

When you give a human some land with tools he/she will build themselves.
When You give a machine oil, it will provide safer jobs reduce costs and time saving labor for you.
When You give a data to a computer it will provide information about your requirement needs.

Deprive a child with junk food, unnecessary education standards, and isolate from him/her from beneficial people, they become more of an unstable individual.
Thrive a child with balance diet, stable social environment, provide background checks, and appropriate education standards, they become more of balance individual.
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