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Submitted By Anonymous
Submitted On Jun12/20, 17:32
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Everytime someone wants to get ahead of the meme game, and that's what most of this life is, ends up hurting themselves in the long run, the Cold War that started off the arms race has forced a swift industrialization for mainland products, what has happened in that is the very meme game where companies are leaving their country for the reason of prosperity, that their markets will be a bread winner over seas with cheap labor, this is the real illusion, that people are safe to make these choices, when their concerns should not be material investments but organic investments with farming and gardening produce. The self-sufficient lifestyle is the only life that will be able to prolong itself during, drought and times of scarcity, which will soon be exploding upon the planet in such a force it will not be avoidable for those unprepared. In short, people have taking dependency on the safety net of the false-stability of a very volatile marketplace, and that other countries harbor resent for each other since being the victims of other war-fronts. The outbreak could not come at a better time for the Muslim community to have their break from the United States, and the tension between being racially accepting is costing the Allies their own interests, further weakening other businesses to seek refuge in China, where labor laws are lax. In short the bonds that are holding America are unraveling themselves due to racial tension and slowly becoming a dystopia, the world will not dissapear, just the inhabitants who have overlooked its responsibilities to it.

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