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Ychan - f - 3d model furry females - 140862
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Submitted By Anonymous
Submitted On Jul5/20, 08:32
Dimensions 2000x1000px
File Size 124.11KB
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I know someone was talking about this earlier in the thread, but couldn't seem to find it searching for it, so whatever, and I didn't know where else to post this, so fuck it.
Tried the "Heat" demo, in VR so getting the full experience,

>They should not be charging money for this. Not yet.

Someone with a tiny amount of competency in Unity and happened to have the models on hand could have shat this out in a week, no joke. It's literally just 4 preset poses for two characters and that's about it. Which for an extremely early proof of concept of the general idea, that'd be fine. Getting over $4000 per month for it as of now? No.
I'll be honest, setting my play space such that my bed lined up with the virtual one (which as a side note, being able to adjust your play space in the "game", with maybe like a couple clicks of a controller in a calibration menu would go a long way. And this is purely a me problem, but having a bed that's half the size of the one in this makes interaction a little difficult, as you can't change the character locations) and having that kinda physicality with the bed is extremely neat, but then what? There's nothing. The characters don't really react to you moving hands over them and touching them, aside from some small eye and mouth movement when you touch specific areas as their poses are locked to one of their 4 pre-configured ones which pushing them didn't seem to do much. The male sticks his tongue out when you touch his nose which is cute, that's exactly the sort of thing I want to see, rubbing their shoulder, stomach, thighs, anywhere and I get some sort of response. Have them actually animate a little when you interact with them instead of stay in the one of four poses. Get some audio going when you interact with them, SOMETHING. Which I'm sure they're hard at work on, but again, early proof of general concept as a free demo to entice support this would be perfectly excusable, something you're supposed to pay cash to see at all, fuck no.
Oh, but the boobie jiggles when you poke it, and you can shove things up her (both of their?) ass, that makes it COMPLETELY worth it, right!? /s Maybe my apathy for strictly the 'le sexy' part with no substantial interaction makes this worse than it is for the 400 something people burning their money for this, but there needs to be some substance here before asking for cash.

If this was purely a free little demo to get people excited about what this has to offer, I'd say "Temper expectations, but there's clearly promise here." Asking cash for this in the state it is now, no. Anyone reading this, find it elsewhere and try it if you have the VR headset (it's not needed, but what's the point otherwise?), and hell, go support them if you like what you see, but the support should come from liking what the demo has to offer, support should not be required to even try the fucking thing out with how utterly bare bones it is currently.

>Fuck it, autistic wish list of functionality in no particular order:
>Some amount of ability to push them around. They should be able to bring themselves back to position with some sort of comment about what you do.
>Spoken lines, and audio in general. I know this is a pain in the ass, and possibly fairly expensive with all the audio required for such a thing, but having a little bit of personality would go a long way.
>Generally more feedback to actions all over. Looking at the twitter, apparently the male gets hard if you rub the stomach, but I completely missed this because I did just that on my own volition but nothing seemed to happen.
>Having even a little bit of a 'story'. You pick the make or female, they walk through the door, and flop on the bed, asking you to join them as a loose example. Maybe they can get up off the bed and position themselves above you if you stimulate them enough in the right way as another example.
>Go ham with interactivity. I touched on the tongue sticking out when you interact with the nose. More of that, WAY more.
>Them being able to interact with you. You know where the players head is, let them caress where your cheek is or return the kinds of actions you give them, or have them grab your hand when it'd make sense to. Pulling them off of the bed by grabbing that hand and pulling back perhaps?
>Just generally some though on not just strictly the 'le sexy' side of things. Have some personality that makes them more 'people' instead of just how you can make the male one hard or stick shit up the female ones vagina.
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