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/f/snake girls/134604
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Ychan - f - snake girls - 134604
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Submitted By Anonymous
Submitted On Apr12/19, 18:05
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K, listen here, pip-pip - this old fart will share a bit of slightly deranged wisdom with you.

There is a site out there, called FurryBooru. You may use Monosodium Glutamate, though, or something akin - it doesn't matter in the big picture.

What matter, is the clearly anthropomorphic snake depicted on your jumbled mess.
Not the most common of furry subspecies.
Stands for a reason, then, that there will be quite a limited amount of smut involving snakes - comparing to other species, of course; and "limited" may be a stretch - yes, but!
If you go to FurryBooru, and conduct a search for a "snake" tag, on the page two you will see a disturbingly familiar head. Just like the one on your pict.

...k, you will also see ~14K pictures on the "snake" tag alone, so I'll retract my point about limited quantity. Also, you won't find it on FA by that tag, for it is called "snek" there.
Because memes.

Regardless - second page of a simple search.

Teal deer:
Artist is Haibet_Ennea
Source https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31094254/
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