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Ychan - f - mt little pony changelings - 136423
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Submitted By Anonymous
Submitted On Oct19/19, 17:19
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This is a commission from margony.
Name: velia maple
Nicknames: maple
Age: 40
Gender: female
DoB: 6/25
Species: changling
Status: in a relationship
Sexuality: bi
Relatives: changelings, q
Special Talent: very good masuse and artist
Occupation: does massages as side work and does art commissions
Likes: nice ponies, cute clothes and swords, love, drawing
Dislikes: being out in public, not having hair, sipping a coffee cup to find it’s old coffee
Personality: shy and introverted but once she get to know someone bubbly and very polite, and when you really get to know her shes very dirty minded.
Backstory: she was a nursery worker for the hive and taking care of the little grubs feeding them love. But was pulled away for the canterlot attack
during the canterlot invasion she was being canterlot invasion she was being chased but the guards until she turn the corner and ran into q dad who was working a job there. Although he wanted to kill her he saw the fear in her eyes plus she didn’t give off the same aura as the others did. So when the guards turned the corner they only saw him. After they check him and seeing as he wasn’t a changeling they went back to the fight. He snuck her out of there to his house far away from canterlot and left her there with his son who was 8 at the time and she appeared 10 when she got there. Her new brother hated changelings after what happened at canterlot he wanted to train people how to fight. He Got a degree in yoga and teaching self defense and he got a job offer at canterlot. She got into a big fight with her brother about moving to canterlot. But she was very against the idea. He went without her she was very hurt by him and refused to talk to him over the phone. She only texted him until. their dad whent missing and she couldn’t make the mortgage payment. She begged her brother to move to capricorn reef and out of the love he still had for her he did. Her main job is being a online artist so she can stay out of the public eye as much as she can. She loved drawing so that was a plus for her.
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