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Submitted By Anonymous
Submitted On Apr30/19, 07:54
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I have sleep paralysis and the occasional waking hallucination. I've gotten to the point that if I see something raising from the foot of my bed, or random arms going to grab me I just shrug and turn the other way.
I've had a few sleep studies done and in all of them they've caught me on cam looking utterly horrified in my sleep, other than that though, I have astonishingly healthy sleep cycles and am generally just awesome other than the utter horror thing. Kinda sucks since I can't get any medication for it other than Seroquil.
Kind of envy the guys who get sleep paralysis that rapes them. It would be a whole lot more fulfilling than just causal shadow figures standing in corner being generally awful.
I swear, its like I got stuck with the nightmare version of that ONE guy in every orgy that just stands in the corner jerking off.
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