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Scariest thing about the Shadow Temple is the fact that Ganondorf has nothing to do with it, but it was created by the Royal Family of Hyrule to torture the enemies of the kingdom.

Green Galaxy yep.. And those goody-loyal Sheikah have some pretty messed up secrets.. I mean, think about it. They're capable of inventing vastly advanced technology;
why is their history so shrouded in mystery? And the dark interlopers? Fused shadows? Mhmm.. Sounds to me like the Shadow Temple is all that's left of their murky history,
given the assumption that they've managed to erase any shady trace of their extensive past in every timeline.

Toon Link Also both the Sheikah and Ganondorf created Bonjo-Bonjo. Bonjo-Bonjo was once a human but according to details, he was sentenced to death and lost his arms.
One of his eyes became the Lens of Truth and his spirit was trapped in the Well. Ganon’s growing power must have weakened the seal holding Bonjo-Bonjo and he was able to break free,
get revenge on the Town that killed him and went to Shadow Temple to regain his new dark Strength!

"The Shadow Temple was historically a place used by the Sheikah to interrogate or otherwise harm enemies of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Because of the dark stain on
Hyrule's history that it represents, it is taboo for the Royal Family to speak of the Shadow Temple"

A thing I don't understand about the shadow temple is that...I know it was built at the back of kakariko village and the structure of the temple itself is for the most part a "temple";
however, in its lower levels that just doesn't seem like a temple but a gateway to the afterlife, just look that omnious ship that required the royal family song to move it.
Doesn't that look fishy as hell? also the ship just floats and then drowns into the abyss... possibly its true destination. What lies in that deep darkness? All of the temples are just temples,
the forest one have forest, a fortress and lower levels, the fire temple has just lava all around, the water temple is just a temple filler with water and the spirit temple is just a religious temple,
but the shadow temple was very different.
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